Product Development & Engineering

Your One Resource

Reiner Associates is a multi-functional professional services company. Our combined capabilities in Development, Engineering, Tooling, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing allow us to meet your needs, from start to finish. Reiner Associates provides the know-how and experience for 'turn-key' projects from inception through production.

Why Our Services

Experience - Our staff has 50+ years of diversified engineering experience which makes us creative & innovative!

Rapid Turnaround - We're reactive and responsible; if we say it will happen, We'll make it happen!

Problem Solving - If you're in need of solutions; We'll give a fresh objective view!

Cost Effective - Since we specialize only in hi-volume consumer products and we are intimately aware of costs in the orient, we'll design to meet your target cost!

What We Provide

Plastic & Mechanical Design - Thorough knowledge of injection, blow and roto-molding processes and design in ProE (3D) & AutoCad (2D).

Full Service Development - We provide concept models, product graphics, sculpture, tooling patterns, prototypes, engineering models, sales models, engineering layouts.

Electronic & Electro-mechanical Design - PCB, sound digitizing, microprocessor programming, software and hardware development.

Quality Assurance - Our design includes reliability, performance & safety adherence to UL, CSA, FCC, ASTM, CPSC, EC and EN-71 standards.


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